Daily life can be difficult after foot surgery, a broken ankle, or a fractured foot.  Luckily, the knee scooter is a fantastic option to help you get around with ease. Forget about crutches, they can be a pain on the hands and armpits, and difficult if balance and stability are an issue.  The knee scooter alleviates the burden of crutches, letting you rest your knee softly on the pad and coast comfortably through your day.

Medical West Healthcare Center’s knee scooter of choice is the Essential Free Spirit.  Unlike other brands, the Free Spirit knee scooter has a more comfortable pad to rest your knee, dual breaks for stopping power, and a rack and pinion steering system for stability when encountering sidewalk cracks and bumps.

Knee Scooter Rack and Pinion Recovery time after surgery and injuries can take as long as six to eight weeks.  This is a long time to struggle with crutches.  Especially in the workplace, where you may need to move around frequently, stopping to use your hands.  The knee scooter gives you the freedom to move back and forth smoothly and efficiently during your work day.  If you need to stop momentarily at a table or workstation, you can quickly lock the brakes and safely use both your hands while remaining rested on the knee scooter.

Knee Scooter used while working

Healing is important, but don’t put your life on hold.  A knee scooter will let you keep up with life, family and friends.  You don’t have to miss your child’s game or dance recital!  Don’t be afraid to shop at the mall with friends or stroll through the park with family. You won’t get tired as you stay on top of your daily chores and doctors visits.

Still not sure if a knee scooter is right for you?  Come in to any of the three Medical West Healthcare Center locations and try one out. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help guide you to find the best medical equipment to suit your needs.

Knee Scooter used in St. Louis Park
Author: John Wienstroer

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