About Us


It all started in 1955, when Sylvan Sandler opened a small pharmacy inside Medical West, a professional medical building in Clayton, Missouri.  Syl, a pharmacist by training, had an incredibly affable demeanor and a true commitment to helping others.  Pharmacy customers developed a strong sense of trust and comfort with Syl and began discussing their experiences and conditions with him, seeking his advice.

Syl Sandler, Founder of Medical West Healthcare Center
The Sandler Family at Medical West Healthcare Center

It wasn't long before the small pharmacy started to expand beyond prescription fulfillment, adding a variety of specialty medical products to it's offerings.  Syl's wife, Ruth, and their three children soon joined the team and the highly regarded pharmacy evolved into an innovative family-owned healthcare center.  By 1973, Medical West Pharmacy, Inc. became the first pharmacy in the nation to add an enterostomal therapy nurse on staff. 

Throughout the years, more products and services were added, but the values instilled by Syl and our commitment to providing personalized instruction, patient education and excellent customer care remains at the core of our mission.

Syl Sandler, Founder of Medical West Healthcare Center 

 We are proud to have established a respected reputation within the medical community and with our customers.  Today, we have three centers in the St. Louis metropolitan region and we deliver our products and provide our hallmark customer care nationwide.  It is our pleasure to offer you our knowledge, experience, service and integrity and we look forward to serving you.