Breast Prosthesis & Bras


Visit The Boutique at Medical West Healthcare Center and you will find a beautiful selection of bras (including hard-to-find sizes), equalizing breast shells and breast prostheses, post-op bras, leisure forms, camisoles, turbans, accessories and a variety of flattering swimwear styles, available year round.  Our Certified Mastectomy Fitters provide complimentary, personalized fittings and help you choose a style that fits your body shape. 

We've been helping women dress themselves with joy for over 35 years.



Why is The Boutique at Medical West Healthcare Center so unique?

We are a unique boutique dedicated to assisting women with bras, lingerie, apparel and accessories.  Our specialty is fitting and caring for women after breast surgery.  We have an extensive collection of breast prosthesis styles, shape equalizers, bras, swimwear and more.  Our fitting consultants are known for their care, expertise and dedication.  Our caring manner and private, comfortable setting will put you at ease.

Why wear a breast prosthesis after a mastectomy?

A breast form helps restore your natural contours, so your clothes fit better and you feel confident about your appearance.  More importantly, a form restores body symmetry; providing important weight balance for your shoulders and back.  It also keeps your bra in place better.

When can I be fitted?

Your physician can offer a recommendation.  Your surgery and individual ability to recuperate are considerations.

It should be very reassuring to know that these fittings are quite remarkable!  You will look perfectly natural, balanced and beautiful, so you can wear your clothes with confidence.

What can I wear until I am ready for my fitting?

A soft camisole with pads and pouches to hold drains is comfortable and useful after surgery.  One of our leisure bras and lightweight breast forms offer light support.  Some insurance plans will cover these.  We will check your insurance for coverage options.

I'm ready for my fitting.  What is the next step?

Call Medical West Healthcare Center for an appointment.  This ensures you receive our full attention with minimal waiting.  Scheduling ahead allows us to check insurance benefits and requirements.  Allow about an hour for your fitting.  There is never a fitting fee. 

Remember:  A prescription and chart notes are required any time medical insurance will be billed.

What happens at my appointment?

First, the proper selection of the bra, followed by the fitting of a breast prosthesis.  Our fitters help you select the breast shape that most perfectly matches your own so that you feel confident about your appearance.

How can I equalize after a lumpectomy or reconstruction?

Our collection of partial silicone breast shells and various foam pad shapes fulfill a variety of needs.  Easy to wear, these fit comfortably to equalize size and balance contours.  We specialize in bra styles which provide proper support and shaping to complement your new contour.

Do you have compression items?

The certified fitters at The Boutique work with lymphedema specialists in the area.  We carry compression bras, tank tops, sleeves, gloves, gauntlets and wrapping supplies from leading manufacturers.  In addition, our certified fitters are able to special order custom garments when needed.

What about insurance?

Good News!  In many cases, medical insurance covers a large portion of the cost for the prosthesis and bras.  By verifying your coverage in advance, we help you maximize your benefits.  We participate with most plans.  All plans require a detailed prescription and chart notes indicating you've had surgery.  Ask us and we can help guide you through the process!