Certified Ostomy Care Nurse

Medical West Healthcare Center's Ostomy Care Nurse, Zoe Shepard

Zoe, our Certified Ostomy Care Nurse, has over 40 years experience and has become a trusted community resource.  With a private consultation, she can provide you personal instruction, product guidance and pre-surgery counseling on a variety of topics.  We are excited to offer these unique services to our customers.

Find Out How Our Ostomy Care Nurse Can Help


  • Product Selection & Instruction
  • Product Troubleshooting
  • Pre-Surgery Counseling
  • Answers & Solutions to All Your Ostomy Questions

Common Topics- Get Your Answers! 

  • Adding Foods back to Your Diet After Surgery 
  • Food Indiscretions
  • Food Blockage for Ileostomy
  • Exercise
  • Herniation Fears & Support Garments
  • Swimming & Bathing
  • UOA Travel Card
  • Packing Your Supplies For Your Trip
  • Food, Fluids & Your Health While Traveling
  • Confidence and Conversation
  • Your Ostomy Revealed
  • Intimacy-Supplies That Can Help

Private Consultation Options:

30 Minute Phone Call: $30
30 Minute In-Person Visit: $50
1 Hour New Patient Consultation (Includes a 1 Hour Complimentary Follow Up Appointment):  $80
1 1/2 Hour New Patient With Fistula Consultation (Includes a 1 Hour Complimentary Follow Up Appointment):  $100
Zoe Shepard, Ostomy Care Nurse, assisting a customer at Medical West Healthcare Center


 "I am writing to commend the recent care I received from you regarding my problem with the dressing for my ostomy.  After two hospitalizations, far too many nights of discomfort and clean up which was exhausting for both me and my wife, you saved the day.  Your immediate assessment of the underlying problem and your solution made an enormous difference for me and have given both my wife and me confidence that we will have a night's sleep free from leakage and subsequent exhaustion.  My heartfelt thanks for your diligence and care!"  -Winston

"I've been coming to Medical West Healthcare Center for my supplies for a very long time and Zoe has been an incredible resource for advice and solutions.  It's not just her wealth of knowledge I appreciate, but her demeanor as well.  She has helped me get through tough times when I was just falling apart at the seams.  She's the best!" -Pam

"Tomorrow will be one full week without any problems!  I can't believe it-it feels like a miracle.  You were so kind, patient and understanding-it really helped me to relax and feel comfortable about the whole situation.  I really appreciate all your wisdom!" -Julie

"Saying thank you for all of the help you gave me just doesn't seem adequate.  You truly helped me learn about my new life and never once made me feel like I can't do this.  Thanks for your optimism and great attitude.  I will always remember you." -Ronna