Automatic Delivery Schedule

Convenience with Automatic ReordersConvenience.             Save Money With Automatic ReordersSavings.            Our Automatic Reorder Program is SimpleSimple.

Save money and time with our Automatic Delivery Schedule (A.D.S)!

Our customers love the convenience and savings our A.D.S option provides.  You will no longer have to worry about remembering to call before you run out of your incontinence, ostomy, urological or nutrition supplies.  Simply select the order frequency that works best for you and we will set up automatic shipments to be delivered on your selected schedule.  All orders are shipped in discreet packaging and will arrive timely according to the schedule you choose.  You can modify your schedule frequency, skip a delivery, or add or delete items from your order at anytime!  In addition to convenience, you will SAVE 5% on every recurring order just by selecting this automatic service!

Get Started

Call our experts at 314-290-2222 to get set up and start saving!  Don't worry-you can cancel at anytime!

Please Note: Insurance orders are excluded from our A.D.S program and discounts.